Custom Li River Cruise

Customize your Li River Cruise!

A Custom Li River Cruise offers visitors a greater degree of flexibility and freedom to experience the spectacular Li River. Choose your cruise duration, starting time and preferred distance.


What’s more, if interested, you can combine your Custom Li River Cruise Cruise with visiting some of the other less-visited but spectacular scenic spots as well as ancient villages, markets and other amazing destinations along the Li River!

Sunrise Li River Cruise

The Li River in the morning is simply spectacular! A usually empty river, mist hovering over the water and an amazing sunrise in the background is every photographer’s dream scenery.

Day Li River Cruise

During the day, the Li River is alive and full of energy. Most visitors experience the river during the afternoon and enjoy the beautiful scenery the river and its surroundings has to offer during the day.

Sunset Li River Cruise

In the late afternoon, as the sun begins to set, a spectacular sight beckons on the horizon. Our sunset cruises offer visitors amazing opportunities to see the river as day turns into night.

Create a Custom Li River Cruise!

Cormorant Fisherman
Xianggong Hill
Xingping Town
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