Li River from Guangzhou

Li River from Guangzhou

Guangzhou to Guilin by High Speed Train

Are you planning to visit the Li River from Guangzhou during your business trip in Guangzhou? High-speed trains will help you. Since the high-speed trains ran between Guangzhou and Guilin on December 26, 2014, direct flights to Guilin from Guangzhou have been canceled as it is more cost-effective to Guilin from Guangzhou to take a high speed train and it will save more time to take a high speed train.
As at 1st March 2021, 52 x high-speed trains from Guangzhou can be able to take you to Guilin. Some of them depart from Guangzhou Railway Station while some depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station. And some of them arrive at Guilin North Railway Station, some arrive at Guilin Railway Station and some arrive at Guilin West Station.

The Li River Cruise is the #1 Activity in Guilin!

The Li River flows along the following attractions and scenic spots within Guilin City:
  • The Lijiang Bridge;
  • The Liberation Bridge;
  • The Nanzhou Bridge;
  • Elephant Trunk Hill;
  • Fubo Hill
  • Diecai Hill; and
  • Jingping Hill;
Among these attractions, the Lijiang Bridge, Liberation Bridge, Elephant Trunk Hill, Diecai Hill, and Fubo Hill are within 20 minutes ride from Guilin Railway Station. Nanzhou Bridge is within 30 x minutes ride from Guilin West Station and Guilin North Railway Station. Compared to other spots along the river, the Nanzhou Bridge is normally the least crowded with the fewest visitors
However, the Lijiang River offers you an option to enjoy the panoramic views of the Elephant Trunk Hill. Moreover, the Liberation Bridge is located within 5 minutes walk from East and West Alley which features classical Chinese buildings in the style of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912) and the alley also offer tasty snacks to try. Night views from Liberation Bridge are breathtaking as well.
When you arrive at Guilin Railway Station, you could take a direct bus to Liberation Bridge. You can explore the shoal under the bridge along the river for free with your feet. Binjiang Road along the Li River lets you visit the river much closer and it is possible for you to see the local elders enjoy square dancing by the river, especially at weekends.
The Nanzhou Bridge offers a much quieter environment to you to enjoy. The natural landscape from the bridge might be a little more amazing than that from Liberation Bridge. There is no direct bus from Guilin West Station or Guilin North Railway Station to Nanzhou Bridge. Thus, you just can rent a car to the bridge.

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