Li River Hike

Li River Hike

Are you interested in the Li River hike during your stay in Yangshuo or Guilin? If you are a hiking lover, hiking along the Li River will be an unforgettable experience as part of your Yangshuo/Guilin tour. Let’s see the hiking routes along the Li River which offer amazing views.
  • Route 1: Xialongwan – Lengshuitan;
  • Distance: 6.2 x kilometers;
  • Duration: approx. 2 x hours​;
This route is good for those who would like to appreciate the karst landform along the Li River but don’t want to spend so much time hiking.

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  • Route 2: Yangdi – Langshi Village – Quanjiazhou – Lengshuitan – Nine-horses Fresco Hill – Xingping;
  • Duration: approx. 5 x hours;
The hike route from Yangdi to Xingping features the most stunning landscape of the Li River. First, you’d need to take a local ferry across the river to the opposite bank from Yangdi Pier and hike to Langshi Village where you can see the Wave Stone Legend. Then, walk though the village and you’ll see the second ferry. Then, you have to take it a ferry to the opposite bank of the Li River where the Quanjiazhou is located.
After that, hike along the river and get to Lengshuitan where you’d need to take the third ferry. Once you arrive, walk along the last section of the route and you’ll view the background of 20 CNY note – Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal at the opposite bank at the Xingping Pier.
  • Route 3: Putao Village – Cuiping – Zhouzhai Village – Shikouzhai Village – Bijia Hill Village – Shangri-La Park;
  • Distance: 10 x kilometers;
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours;
The route features gorgeous natural beauty along the upper reaches of the Yulong River, one of the tributaries of the Li River. You’ll be amazed at the natural views in the countryside, and find old bridges lying over the Yulong River. The spots along the route are also underdeveloped.
Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you bring some food and water with you as it could be possible that there is no restaurant or snack shops along the route.
  • Route 4: Fuli Old Bridge – Jinlong Bridge – Yulong Bridge – Hike along the west bank of the Yulong River – Xinglong Pier;
  • Duration: approx. 4 x hours;
The route is endowed with natural landscape of the Yulong River as well. You will see old bridges and old villages en-route. In addition, if you feel a little tire after some hiking, you could experience the traditional bamboo rafting on the Yulong River.
The villages offer restaurants with traditional food too. You don’t need to take too much food with you.

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