Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise

Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise

Experience the pinnacle of elegance and comfort aboard the Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. With a maximum of 40 x passengers onboard, this exclusive journey features 4 x Private Suites on the Lower Deck, an open seating area with Buffet and à la carte options, and a multi-functional upper deck for socializing. 

The VIP Cabin area offers private sofas and tea ceremonies with panoramic views, while the sightseeing decks provide sun lounges, ensuring unparalleled 360° views. Private Suites are located on the lower deck, allowing privacy and the Upper Deck Seats are on the Upper Deck with a circular lounge. Enjoy luxurious voyage through one of China’s most breathtaking landscapes.

USD $1,380 per VIP Cabin 

(max of 4 x persons)

The VIP Cabin is the feature cabin of the 5 Star Cruise, located at the Front of the Upper Deck – offering panoramic views overlooking the Li River in a semi-private VIP Cabin.  

USD $980 per Private Suite 

(max of 4 x persons) 

The Private Suites are located on the sides of the lower deck and feature Private Dining, Lounge and Bathrooms.

Adults & Children: USD $230 per ticket 

The Upper Deck Seating options are the most cost-effective Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise seating options.  Located on the Upper Deck seats are within a circular lounge onboard. 

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The Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise is the best choice for travelers seeking to experience the beauty of the Li River on a luxurious cruise.

  • Maximum Capacity: ~40 x passengers
  • Departure Schedule: AM departures from Guilin to Yangshuo (based on demand)
  • Seating Types:
    • VIP Cabin (Upper Deck – Front of Boat)
    • Private Suite (Lower Deck)
    • Upper Deck Seats
  • Extra Inclusions: Tea Ceremonies & Cormorant Fishing Demonstration
  • Languages: Chinese & English Tour Guide
  • Buffet Lunch: Cuisine varies samples below
    • Entrée Course (Soup Dish)
    • Main Course (Hot Dishes – e.g. Salt & Pepper Prawns, Black Pepper Beef Ribs, Spicy Lamb, Abalone with Broccoli, Celery & Pine Nutes + Other Local Specialties)
    • Sides (e.g. Guilin Rice Noodles, Taro Rolls, Fried Rice Specialties, Char Siu Buns)  
    • Fruits & Desserts (Mixed Fruit Platters & Other Sweet/Savoury Treats) 
    • Drinks – Tea & Juices with other drinks available for purchase onboard

What is included in this Li River Cruise

What is not included in this Li River Cruise


***Please note, times are indicative-only, subject to change and rely on Marine bureau confirmation***

7:40 am

Our Private Vehicle will pick you from your Guilin Hotel 
Private Transfer from your hotel to Guilin Pier

08:25 am

Arrive at Guilin Pier

08:30 am

Ticket Collection with Cruise Manifest name check

08:40 am

Escorted to Seating on Li River Cruise

09:00 am

Luxury 5 Star Li River Cruise departs from Guilin Pier

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Buffet Lunch is available between this time

1:00 pm

Arrive at Yangshuo Pier & Disembark Cruise

The Li River Cruise is the #1 Activity in Guilin!

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