Upper Deck Seating

Our signature product! Upper Deck Views with reserved seating. See the Li River’s iconic scenery from the comfort of our state-of-the-art boats.

USD $139 per adult / USD $75 per child

Upper Deck Seating (4.5 Star Luxury Li River Cruise) Guilin to Yangshuo

The Upper Deck Seating is on the second floor of the boat – offering the best views from the interior on-board, overlooking the Li River. There are only 24 – 30 x tickets per boat available *subject to availability*.

USD $139 per adult / USD $75 per child
​(Adults: USD $139 per ticket / Children USD $75 per ticket)

The Upper Deck Seating offers excellent views from the second floor of the boat providing visitors with comfort, spaciousness and the ‘next-best’ to the VIP seats.

4.5 Star Luxury Li River Cruise Upper Deck Seating
4.5 Star Luxury Li River Cruise Upper Deck Seating

4.5 Star Li River Cruise Schedule

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​The Luxury Li River Cruise (4.5 Star Boat) boats are the best Li River Cruise boats that travel downstream. However, they only operate on a set schedule as well as with charter cruise options so please check the corresponding date as these boats don’t depart daily. ​The interior of the boat facilities and overall cleanliness are at an excellent level, with larger, comfortable seats as well as clean bathrooms.

​The number of person’s on-board is approximately half the Superior Cruise and there is very minimal microphone usage on-board (compared to the 3-star Boat option). This option is a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience compared to the Superior Boats but it’s also more expensive. ​These boats depart in the morning from Guilin Pier to Yangshuo Pier.


What is included in this Li River Cruise

What is NOT INCLUDED in this Li River Cruise


***Please note, times are indicative-only, subject to change and rely on Marine bureau confirmation***

8:10 am

Our Vehicle will pick you up from your Guilin Hotel Lobby
​Private Transfer from your hotel to Guilin Pier

08:55 am

Arrive at Guilin Pier

09:00 am

Ticket Collection with Cruise Manifest name check

09:05 am

Security Check with passports (please bring onboard)

09:10 am

Escorted to Upper Deck Seating on Li River Cruise

09:30 am

Luxury Li River Cruise departs from Guilin Pier

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Chinese Buffet Lunch is available between this time

1:30 pm

Arrive at Yangshuo Pier & Disembark Cruise


Things to Know

  • ​Stunning Panoramic Views of the Li River & Karst Scenery in Southern China

  • Cruise the 83 kilometer route from the city of Guilin to the town of Yangshuo

  • #1 ​Top Rated Activity in Guilin and Yangshuo on Tripadvisor

  • Onboard café serving hot coffee and tea (available for purchase)

  • Onboard amenities including outdoor upper deck space, air conditioned indoor seating with large windows made for sightseeing, and restrooms

  • Child tickets available for children between 120 – 140 cms tall (with allocated seat). For infants, no charge (no allocated seat)

Cruise Route

Li River Cruise Map
Li River Map