Why Choose Us

As a world-famous tourism destination of which people travel from all over the world to visit, we understand the importance of ensuring your visit goes to plan and the Li River Cruise you expect to experience is what is actually provided.

We are also acutely aware of the poor international reputation Chinese tour/cruise operators have through the regular practices of up-selling, forced shopping, commission stops and other unscrupulous practices.

Is the Li River Cruise worth it?
Yes! Visitors who are planning to visit Guilin should definitely consider a Li River Cruise. The Li River is a UNESCO listed natural site and one of the most beautiful scenic areas in all of China.

7 Reasons to Book with LiRiverCruises.com Vs Local Tour Agencies

1. Book directly with the official Li River Cruise boats

2. Date selection advance ticket booking available

3. Full access to select your preferred cruise type and specific seating preferences

4. Full payment when booking – no hidden ‘on the day cash payment’ expenses

5. Cheaper tickets by booking direct ticket-service only!

6. No forced shopping stops as it’s ticket reservation service NOT day tour

​7. Locally based in Guilin – not international tour booking platform adding extra fees